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A modification of eli bendersky s nice example of pyqt and matplotlib to work with pyside. Engineers in large semiconductor companies are using emacsvim for code editing. All of the code for this post is available on github, so if you get stuck, have a. It took me about a year and a half of sporadic studying, it took eli bendersky 1 roughly a year too. Sign up for your own profile on github, the best place to host code, manage projects, and build software alongside 40 million developers. Blog my thoughts and a place for me to experiment with. It doesnt even really exist yet, and when it does it will run really slowly, and not support all js features.

Eli bendersky has been a professional programmer for 15 years, with extensive experience. During the early fall of 2018 i found posts by eli bendersky that gave a good break down of mincharrnn, including code that had more comments and a few other pieces of code. First, please read eli benderskys article that overview is more complete than my brief notes. When a function is called the caller will first put the parameters in the correct registers then issue the call instruction. Some time ago, i was frustrated that there seemed to be lots of contradictory data regarding the performance of exceptions.

Additional parameters beyond those covered by the registers will be pushed on the stack prior to the call. Jan 03, 2019 while i wanted to learn up reverse engineering, i started hunting up for blogs, i wish to share the links which i came across with respect to categorization. Reverse engineering resourcesbeginners to intermediate guide. As a learning exercise, ive begun writing a javascript ecmascript interpreter in python. This page will be maintained for archival purposes. Oct 17, 2016 yes, the usual way to do this is just replace the instruction, single step, then set the breakpoint again. The llvm tutorial is a venerable and important part of the projects documentation. But now that ive growned accustomed to it, i find myself preferring gits workflow. Jul 04, 2019 during the early fall of 2018 i found posts by eli bendersky that gave a good break down of mincharrnn, including code that had more comments and a few other pieces of code.

I had decided to do my own, not that mine would be any more authoritative than anyone elses, but i felt like i had to see for myself. This is a short post about writing tests for go programs that have commandline flags, and in particular programs where flags are a significant chunk of their functionality think commandline tools like grep. Sign in sign up instantly share code, notes, and snippets. To begin exploring the world of llvm, you can use a unix system, a mac os x system, or a. Since this is the first election, we have no outgoing steering council, and pep says that the returns officer is instead appointed by the psf executive director, ewa jodlowska. The new example shows how to generate an xml file which functions as a template for building a gui with wxglade. Integrated development environment doesnt make much sense there, since a project is a few thousand hdl files taken from different places on a nix network, setup scripts for a dozen different tools, and cron jobs to do frequent builds. Wc2014 fifa world cup, ec2016 uefa european championship, ca2016 copa america, wc2018 and ac2019 afc asian cup. Hook means to intercept a processs call to an api function, so that the execution flow of the api turns to the code snippet we implement, so as to realize the functions we need. Getting started with llvm core libraries school of information. Working primarily on the mac platform wasnt a major obstacle but there are some steps i had to sort out in order to get good performance from the combination pyfftw and fftw itself.

Some testing was done on mac os x and freebsd as well. Its been there for as long as ive been using llvm and according to the logs, a few years before that, almost always the first resource newcomers to the project are pointed to. However, this example should be helpful for anyone who needs to create xml files with python. The functions here can be monitoring and repairing system vulnerabilities, hijacking or other malicious behaviors. Taking inspiration from eli benderskys excellent blog. In future elections, the returns officer will be appointed by the outgoing steering council. It is a sequel to phpworldcup application and contains all important tournaments from 2014. However, a common way to contribute to open source github repos is to fork a repo onto your github repo, clone that repo on your local drive, commit changes, push those changes to your fork on github, and then do a pull request to the upstream original repository. Hi all, ive been looking for a github mirror for python, and found two. The single step will be done by either a hardware single step through ptrace if the target supports it, or the debugger will emulate the instruction, work out the possible branch targets, and set software breakpoints to do the step.

Perhaps you should simply rephrase the question to how to i implement clipboard for text on a mac if thats the only piece of information youre missing eli bendersky feb 15 11 at 14. Pep 411 provisional packages in the python standard. While searching for a simpler way to generate simple images from a python snakelet, i hit upon this pure ruby sparklines generator and decided to port the canvas bits to python. A good introduction to compilation databases is available on eli benderskys blog. Jul 30, 20 about jim lawless ive been programming computers for about 38 years. Textmate users know just how slow its find in project can be with large source trees. If youre interested in checking out industrialstrength, battle tested implementations of raft in go, i recommend. Yet another config file reader for go golang jim lawless. See what eli bendersky wrote about going from bitbucket to github. This post describes what ultimately worked, and has some tips that may be useful to others in the same situation. Extended functionality for eli benderskys pycparser, in particular support for parsing gnu extensions and opencl. This document has tables that list python modules, tools, platforms and interest areas and names for each item that indicate a maintainer or an expert in the field.

Set up a wireguard vpn on ubuntu and connect from mac and android. How to send good pull requests on github eli benderskys. The official home of the python programming language. The two other pieces of code was a markov model text generator and lstm extension to mincharrnn. Of course, if you dont do a pull request to github, youre basically. Whenever the python core development team decides that a new package should be included into the standard library, but isnt entirely sure about whether the packages api is optimal, the package can be included and marked as provisional. Its a difficult journey, but it is a scenic tour of a lot of the core concepts in computer science. Contribute to inducerpycparserext development by creating an account on github. Payload server in python 3 for github webhooks eli benderskys. Ive been a teacher, ive worked as a consultant, and have written articles here and there for publications like dr.

I prefered mercurial to git until i was forced to use git, which always ruled github out for me. Users of textmate, the programmers editor for the mac, can use the ackmate plugin by trevor squires. For any questions or comments about these posts or the code, please send me an email or open an issue on github. Testing flag parsing in go programs april 04, 2020 at 07.

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