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In 2002, the first systematic conservation planning study to identify the minimum set of conservation areas required in the cct was initiated using the conservation planning software c plan. Computationally, marxan provides solutions to a conservation version of the 01 knapsack problem, where the objects. Science and technology conservation tools software. It has been used in earlier reserve planning studies and as a teaching resource. Nrcs does not provide technical support for installation or use of any. Request a sample or learn about ordering options for conservation planning.

We discuss barriers to the use of conservation planning tools, and conclude with suggestions to enhance the use and adoption of conservation planning software and tools by the land use community. They will be the first port of call for environmental planning and policy development. A number of systematic conservation planning tools are available to aid in. Despite these differences, the two software packages produced similar results. Further development of c plan conservation planning software and application to negotiations over public forests in southeastern new south wales. Cplan is an interactive decision support system for conservation planning.

Several conservation planning software packages are available c plan. The assessment was created through a partnership between apa and the united states department of agriculture forest service. Cplan is a conservation decision support software that links with gis to map options for achieving explicit conservation targets. The most widely used purposebuilt software packages are marxan 32, cplan 33, and zonation 34. There are many different kinds of tools and resources here, but in general they all help users develop, manage, analyze, use, and publish. Landscape conservation planning california department of. C plan was developed by matthew watts and bob pressey in the mid1990s. The systematic conservation planning software marxan v2. Informed decisions for a healthier planet, craig groves and ed game have produced a well organized, easy to read account of pragmatic approaches to safeguarding creation. Overlapping much of the upper portion of the trinity river basin, region c also includes smaller parts of the red, brazos, sulphur, and sabine river basins. Details of the planning problem depend on the type of conservation action. Systematic conservation planning in the eastern english channel. Essentially, their role is to determine the environmental value of a packet of land typically for.

For biodiversity to thrive, habitats need to be protected, enhanced, or restored not just in the still wild places on the planet but also where people live and make their livelihoods. Miradi is a userfriendly conservation planning software program. More specifically, is a conservation planning software tool that should be on every conservation planners radar because it provides the most affordable source of aerial imagery on the market today. Cdfws natural community conservation planning nccp program is an unprecedented effort by the state of california, and numerous private and public partners, that takes a broadbased ecosystem approach to planning for the protection and perpetuation of biological diversity. Zonation identifies areas important for retaining habitat quality and connectivity for multiple species, indirectly aiming. Software useable for scp include marxan, cplan and zonation. Freely available software such as marxan ball and possingham, 2000, c plan nsw npws, 1999 and sites andelman et al. Extract work on the development of c plan began in 1995. Region c planning group texas water development board. C plan is a conservation decision support software that links with gis to map options for achieving explicit conservation targets. Coda mike bedward provides a greedy algorithm for the design and selection of networks of nature reserves or protected areas.

The species conservation planning tools library is coordinated by the iucn ssc conservation planning specialist group in collaboration with the iucn ssc species conservation planning subcommittee. Conservation planning group arc centre of excellence for. A conservation planner is the bridge between developers, environmental groups and government, handling the joint and differing interests on conservation. There is a strong support for conservation planning tools in our organization. C plan matthew watts and bob pressey is one the main tools for assisting the design of networks of nature reserves or protected areas. Nrcs employees must contact their local tsd staff for installation of the versions certified for installation on usda computers. Combined application of biophysical habitat mapping and systematic conservation planning to assess efficiency and representativeness of the existing high seas mpa network in the northeast atlantic.

Several conservationplanning software packages have been. Essentially, this software is a decision support tool for all noncommercial parties working on conservation issues. Conservation planning is one tool for achieving our safe operating space steffen et al. The species conservation planning tools library is a new resource to connect species conservation practitioners to welltested planning tools suitable for use in a variety of planning situations. A new predictor of the irreplaceability of areas for achieving a conservation goal, its application to realworld planning, and a research agenda for.

Informed decisions for a healthier planet, 1st edition by craig r. Many tools are available to support the practice of conservation. Appendices provide additional details, as derived from baldwin and others 2012. This study predated the national environmental management. At that time, this research on irreplaceability added a new dimension to the problem of selecting indicative sets. The idea of an interactive software system to present spatial options for conservation management arose from previous work on irreplaceability in the early 1990s pressey 1992, 1999. Methods and workflow for spatial conservation prioritization using. Further development of c plan conservation planning software and application to. This contrasts with previous work comparing results from marxan and c plan, another conservation planning package, which used higher relative targets and included no spatial constraints, and found conservation value outputs to be similar carwardine et al. Systematic conservation planning in the eastern english. This type of advance planning also results in a more efficient and streamlined permitting approach for development projects.

Collecting, managing, and entering data green savings. It was the first interactive decisionsupport tool for conservation planning, designed initially for extensive realworld negotiations over public forests in new south wales. Chan kma, mr shaw, dr cameron, ec underwood and gc daily 2006 conservation planning for ecosystem services. The north carolina conservation planning tool provides a valuable means for synthesizing and sharing the priorities of the states conservation agencies and organizations with planners in government and the private sector to inform decisions and guide conservation efforts statewide. Species conservation planning tools library conservation. Applicable to many types of wildlife conservation management and planning efforts helps resource managers identify and prioritize those species and habitats most in need of management action link is a set of environmental systems research institute esri arcgis tools designed to analyze habitat patterns across a landscape. X, marxan, and spatial configuration software to create an interactive. As zonation operates on large grids, it provides a direct link between gis, statistical distribution modeling and spatial conservation prioritization.

Five perceived limitations of systematic conservation planning perception 1. The 2011 conservation planning tools assessment was created to assess and better understand planners use of and needs for conservation planning tools. Systematic, sciencebased conservation planning is a hallmark of the conservancy. The conservation plan was edited on three occasions since then. This repository contains the computational core of zonation software. From models, to online databases, to gis software, our library of conservation tools and resources has something for everyone. The gis software tool, c plan, developed in australia was used for data analysis in all versions of the gauteng conservation plan, and the name was adopted for the product, which has been known within the department and by its stakeholders as c plan since. Our grand children and great grand children will thank us if the ways of thinking and working described in this book are applied widely, urgently. The region c regional water planning area includes all or parts of 16 counties. It is a bit like turbotax, guiding conservation practitioners through a series of stepbystep interview wizards which help them to define their project scope, design conceptual models of. Organizational support our organization is very aware of the capabilities of conservation tools for planning related work. Click on the graph below for a detailed green savings analysis of this webinar.

Groves from the macmillan learning instructor catalog. Conservation planning is about conserving natural values in an active landscapeseascape of competing uses, values, and other threats and opportunities. Conservation planning an overview sciencedirect topics. The north carolina conservation planning tool provides a valuable means for sharing the priorities of the states conservation agencies and organizations with planners in government and the private sectors to inform decisions and guide conservation efforts statewide. With the use of stochastic optimisation routines simulated annealing it generates spatial reserve systems that achieve particular biodiversity representation goals with reasonable optimality. This stage can also be done by hand or manually using. Ecosystem services and connectivity in spatial conservation. In contrast, cplan uses a statistical estimate of irreplaceability as the. These versions are intended for use by nrcs partners, consultants, technical service providers tsp, universities, private citizens, etc. Zonation zonation produces a hierarchical prioritization of the landscape based on the occurrence levels of biodiversity features in sites cells by iteratively removing the least valuable remaining cell while accounting for connectivity and generalized complementarity.

Science and technology conservation tools software nrcs. Funded by the institute of museum and library services and the national center for preservation technology and training, nedcc and the massachusetts board of library commissioners mblc partnered in 2004 to create dplan, a free online program to help institutions write comprehensive disaster plans. M52 water conservation programs a planning manual 2nd. Whether it is single species conservation, a complete biodiversity conservation strategy, or a plan that integrates other human needs and values, natureserves conservation planning program can assist you. This analysis was not possible without the use of the conservation planning software so many thanks go to the creators of cplan1 and marxan2. North carolina conservation planning tool cpt home ncdeq. It acts as a graphical user interface for marxan and can generate marxan datasets from c plan datasets. Combined application of biophysical habitat mapping and.

Integrating conservation planning and landuse planning in. Gauteng conservation plan planning for biodiversity. Cplan is an interactive planning platform and as such differs markedly from. Marxan is software designed to aid systematic reserve design on conservation planning.

Landscape conservation planning takes a proactive approach, identifying priority mitigation and conservation areas in advance of impacts, with the goal of preserving larger areas of higher habitat quality and connectivity. Agriculture and rural development gdard produced the gauteng conservation plan version 3 c plan 3 in december 2010. The biodiversity network for the cape town municipal area. Systematic conservation planning software is difficult to use most conservation assessment exercises use specifically designed computer software to import, analyse and display the relevant data.

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