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With the increasing interest in light sport aircraft lsa it is important that operators and potential purchasers are aware of the current situation regarding the european aviation safety agencys easa plans for the aircraft. Previously the sport cruiser was available as a completed aircraft or a kit, but piper will offer it only as a completed aircraft, sold as a special lightsport aircraft in the usa. Abeam of numbers, reduce power to 3000 rpm, add flaps white arc, pitch for 60 kts descent base adjust power if need be for appropriate descent altitude and to maintain 60 kts descent. Pdf light sport and general aviation airplane comparison and. Sportcruiser is a light sport aircraft lsa designed and built in. It is successfully operated in more than 30 countries all around the world and the 600th unit will be produced and placed on the market in the early 2017, making the sportcruiser one of the most successful aircraft of the entire lsa category. Airplane manufacturer and type certificate holder office. The aerocruiser is one of the roomiest aircraft i have ever flown. Standard specification for design and performance of a light sport airplane. Czech sport aircraft csa does its best to supply the operator with an accurate and easy to use the maintenance and continued airworthiness informations and instructions caii.

In less than two years you could be working as a pilot for your favorite airline. The aircraft is approved for auto gas or 100ll and us sport aircraft uses the former. The area used for landing was reported as being both wet and soft at the time of the accident. Performance cruiser boats build your perfect formula. The sport cruiser is used extensively for flight training around the world.

Zenith ch 750 cruzer light sport airplane from zenith. Sportcruiser lsa specifications, cabin dimensions, speed. This high quality simulation of the czech sport aircraft sportcruiser has been developed. Its a great aircraft, but tecnam has a couple of advantages. Czech sport aircraft sportcruiser maintenance manual pdf.

The sportcruiser is a singleengine, allmetal aircraft fitted with a tricycle. That was my first flight in a sport cruiser, which i recently flew at the. Czech sport aircraft sportcruiser operating handbook pdf. Posts related to 2008 czech sport aircraft sportcruiser for sale. Thanks to the allmetal structure, selected materials, and modern procedures involved in the production of the sportcruiser, the aircraft is a very solid and reliable aircraft perfectly suited. The performance shown in this section is valid for aircraft equipped with. Takeoff and climb performance of lsa can be spirited as it typically has a high horsepower to weight ratio.

Activity set down values measured values starting up the engine min. Final adjust power if need be for appropriate descent altitude and to maintain 60 kts descent. Page 3 engine test report aircraft sportcruiser registration serial no. In the appendix 1 of this document is a customer feedback form. At present, easa will provide flight conditions for these aircraft.

The ch 750 cruzer is the onairport version of the popular stol ch 750 offairport light sport utility kit plane, famous for its roomy cabin with comfortable sideby. The csa sportcruiser is a twoseat, single engine, tricycle undercarriage, fixedwing aircraft that was introduced in 2006 by czech aircraft works czaw, now named czech sport aircraft in january 2010, the sportcruiser was added to the piper aircraft line as the pipersport under a licensing agreement with czech sport aircraft. The dawn of the aviation industry in kunovice came in 1934 when a group of aviation enthusiasts opened a small workshop and started to build gliders. If you choose to buy a 31, 34 or 37 formula performance cruiser, consider adding the optional swim seat as well so everyone will have a place to play, interact and splash around. Reliability is about the rotax more than the airframe really. Czech sport aircraft technical publications for sportcruiser.

Love the wing lockers on the sport cruiser aka piper sport. It will cover airport performance for transport category turbojet powered business aircraft. Light sport aircraft for sale 67 listings controller. I havent talked to any actual aircraft sales people. Flight school flight training flight instruction aircraft sales faa writtens aircraft maintenance aircraft parts cessna service center cessna pilot center multi engine training. The light sport aircraft, or lsa, category includes smaller planes, gliders, gyroplanes, powered parachutes, weightshiftcontrol aircraft, airships, and air balloons. Description the heart and soul of the sportcruiser are the rugged rotax 912 uls engine which produces 100 hp. Light sport aircraft pilot is a directory of aircraft that generally fit into what are described as ultralight aircraft, advanced ultralight aircraft, light sport aircraft, experimental light sport aircraft, experimental aircraft, amateur built aircraft, elsa or homebuilt aircraft in the united states and canada. Sportcruiser slsa the sport aircraft works sportcruiser is an all metal, low wing light sport airplane slsa that is amazingly roomy, stable and easy to fly.

The performance shown in this seciion is valid for aircraft fitted with given. This pilot operating handbook has been prepared to provide pilots with information for the safe and efficient. Sportcruiser light sport aircraft july 21, 2017 if you oppose the privatization of air traffic control that will give the airlines greater power over our airspace, now is the time to voice it to your elected representatives with no time to waste. The garmin gtx 335 transponder has proven to be a great piece of equipment and we know it will provide this same level of service to our airplane owners and operators. Cruiser aircraft and czech sport aircraft is extremely happy to offer this adsb out solution. Flying the pipersport flying the pipersport january 21, 2010 by dave hirschman editors note. Us sport aircraft 4700 airport parkway addison, texas 75001 972. Transition to light sport airplanes lsa federal aviation. The caa safety sense leaflet 07 provides guidance on aircraft performance and recommended factors to be applied to performance data. The companys technological excellence, experience, and dedication to innovation make czech sport aircraft a leader in the light sport aircraft market. The controller can be operated in manual mode, where the pilot can manually adjust. With builtin financing and multiple airline partners, thrust flight is here to help you become the airline pilot you always dreamed of being with our premiere flight training program.

There is a sport cruiser on the field i fly from, and it is stunning. I would definitely fly the sportcruiser again and actually plan on doing it because it is a fun little aircraft that introduces a new way of flying and itll sharpen those sticks and rudder skills. The sportcruiser aircraft is designed and built according to following. Many believed the removal of the piper brand would cause a loss of loyalty and that sales would flat line. An airplane performance comparison factor is presented to compare different.

The new zenith ch 750 cruzer is an economical allmetal twoseat crosscountry cruiser that you can easily and quickly build yourself, and fly with your sport pilot license. There are only 3 fuel drains on this aircraft and the quality of auto gas so far according to us sport aircraft has been equal to or greater than 100ll. This one is the first uk registered machine, the uk demonstrator and appropriately registered, given its base. View and download czech sport aircraft sportcruiser n107bk pilot operating handbook online. Larger and heavier engines and other installed equipment will limit the useful load of the aircraft and affects performance. Free weekly webcasts on ultralight and lightsport aircraft plus free classified ads at di. If not stated otherwise, the performance stated in this section is valid for. The purpose of this paper is to help the instructor pilot to understand the performance information contained in the aircraft flight manual afm and how it relates to the real world. Sportcruiser light sport aircraft aerospace company 1. Ps28 cruiser sportcruiser aircraft assembly manual. I came this close to buying one last year, but it was just the limited useful load or probably more appropriately, my weight that kept me from making the deal. Landing downwind leg 4,000 rpm, 80 kts level flight, retrim. The firstclass choice of fabric and leather upholstery along with the advanced onboard climate control and defogging system, together with the easy control and high endurance of the aircraft provide for a true crosscountry airplane. An operators manual is from czaw including flight manual information.

Dynon efis d100 pilot pfd dynon ems d120 engine monitoring system garmin 696 gps system, large screen, center panel mounted garmin sl40 nav com garmin gtx330 mode s. Name title date of issue revison revision date cancel date. Used 2011 czech sport aircraft pipersport for sale in chico, california. Note that these tads apply only to the czaw sportcruiser supplied. In europe, csa refers to the airplane as the ps28 cruiser in a subtle nod to the old piper numbering scheme, but vp of sales matthew harvey assured us in a video we shot at aero 20 to be posted soon that it is indeed the same airplane as american know. One of the lowest lsa stall speeds is for the sport aircraft sportcruiser at 29. In comparison to the 80 hp version of the rotax 912 series, the 100 hp product line offers more power while keeping the same weight. Compton abbas airfield is now the uk distributor of the rebranded ps28 cruiser, as it is now called. It will be distributed by the piper dealer network worldwide. In the year following pipers departure from the lsa market, you may have expected a big slowdown for importer u. The rotax 912ulspowered sport cruiser is still offered in the three models configured by piper. This arrangement was terminated one year later in january 2011. Flying the pipersport aopa aircraft owners and pilots.

The sportcruiser is a doubleseat, allmetal aircraft, arranged as a lowwing mono plane. The czech sport aircraft sky cruiser is a single engine high wing conventional landing gear aircraft in development by czech sport aircraft specifications sky cruiser general characteristics. The sportcruiser is a doubleseat, allmetal aircraft, arranged as a lowwing monoplane with cantilevered wings and conventional empennage. Specifications for the sport cruiser can be found on the u. Designed by americans, for americans it is easy to enter and exit the 48 wide cockpit, and with its bubble canopy the visibility is fantastic. Aircraft weight will affect an aircrafts climb performance and handling qualities. The sportcruiser boasts the most spacious and ergonomic cockpit in its class with a level of comfort and refinement that is second to none. From the sport pilot training through the atp, our flight instruction is top notch. Be sure to ask our customer builders to add the available, extended water sport swim platform that has four beverage holders to your performance cruiser boat. Aircraft qualities and performance are not substantially changed. Foreseeing the potential for a modern renaissance in ga built around this same premise, the faa in 2004 introduced a new category of airplane, the lightsport aircraft lsa, and the corresponding.

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