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Knauf drywalls complete drywall manual building products. Drystar board is suitable for use in damp and wet rooms knauf boards extract from knauf product range 3. The knauf entities are germanbased, international manufacturers of building products, including drywall, whose chinese subsidiary, knauf plasterboard tianjin co. For further assistance, our technical service team is available on 0 724 505. You can also find individual product data sheets to download attached.

It is the result of decades of hard work and consistently high quality. Well teach you the right tools to use in each phase of your drywall project in order to have the greatest success. Sep 20, 2019 knauf drywalls complete drywall manual. Kinstall provides the framework for the delivery of a consistent plasterboard supply and installation service for residential dwellings. The technical manual is a comprehensive guide for professionals containing detailed information about knauf s products and systems. For all other types of drywall work, an ordinary, off the shelf 12v or 18v cordless drill will work. Commercial fiberglass insulation offered both comfort and efficiency. Gloves should be worn when handling the material to avoid lacerations.

Sign up for our newsletter for a weekly dose of building product news sign up for our newsletter. Wipe any uncured ecoseal off with a damp rag prior to material drying. Download the manual for comprehensive information on all of our products and systems. Knaufs updated manual is drywall specifiers new bible. Gypsum core with additional special impregnation against the absorption of moisture. Excellent sound control, improved indoor air quality and thermal performance that can offer energy savings. Download partition manual application professional arabic manual shows the steps of partition wall application according to knauf standards. These pages highlight which knauf drywall systems are most suited to meet performance criteria. Benefits of using the knauf system 0 fully supported at every stage of the project by knaufs technical and sales support teams both presite and during construction.

Complete cutting by running knife through back paper for the length of the panel and snapping back to face. After cutting the panel, smooth the cut edge with a drywall rasp or sandpaper wrapped around a block of wood such as a piece of 2 x 4 lumber. Highperformance boards wide range of sizes simple and. Improved comfort of guests, no matter how long their stay, is top of mind in the hospitality industry. For any major drywall installation project, you may want to rent such a screw gun. Describes complete line of construction products, including sheetrock brand gypsum panels and imperial brand gypsum base for drywall and veneer plaster construction, sheathing and ceilings. Jul 16, 2009 a new edition of the complete drywall manual knauf drywalls free bible for drywall specifiers is now available. Sheetrock instructions read this article for advice on installing drywall. This practical manual explains what you need to know to operate successfully as a drywall contractor. Knaufs worldwide product range spans drywall linings, insulation, acoustic. Quick contact for more information or if you have any queries on knauf insulation products, contact us at info. This organization primarily operates in the drywall business industry within the construction special trade contractors sector. Drywall contracting construction manuals books and. Knauf drywall metal sections are supplied in small packs and then.

Same was the case during the construction of mgm arena. Kpt, advertised and sold its chinese drywall in the united states. Leadership has been won by a combination of specialist expertise, an understanding of customer needs and a record of pioneering achievement. Cosgrove and garrett nemeroff of leon cosgrove, llc, coral gables for petitioner leon cosgrove, llc. Complete drywall systems is located in corpus christi, texas. Complete drywall systems in corpus christi, tx 361 4624312. Locate the wall studs before you begin cutting, drilling or nailing drywall. It covers the trade, planning and estimating jobs, and the dos and donts of running a drywall contracting business. Wait 24 hours or the time recommended in the manufacturers instructions. Knauf offers systems for a large variety of building requirements, all fully complying to enbs standards. Dec 31, 2019 for a copy drywwll the complete drywall manual, call the knauf drywall literature line or fill in the online application form at. Today, professional drywall installers use screw guns that automatically load up a new screw whenever they are ready for the next one.

Highperformance boards specialist boards wide range. May 27, 2019 well equipped and prepared m2 building inside baghdad university is perfect place to provide training on knauf drywall systems for architects, engineers and students from public and private sector. Updated with full details of knauf drywalls expanded range of systems for floors, walls and ceilings, it provides comprehensive information that guides users to optimal solutions for all applications, with special focus on key sectors such as housing and other. Knauf drywall also actively promotes recycling from building sites and has a manal waste policy in its energy efficient factories at sittingbourne in kent and immingham on humberside. At this point, you should return to complete the other side of all the inside corners, and then youll be done with your first coat of. Knauf clerkenwell is the first knauf showroom of its kind in the world. There is so much info available on the internet, you can be sure that our instruction is accurate and dependable. Complete drywall installation guide part 7 how to tape drywall and first coat of mud duration. Drywall is made from gypsum, and comes in sheets from 4 x 8 to 4 x 16, with a paper coating on both sides.

All fireresistance classifications described in this manual are derived from fullscale fire tests. Front face covered with green, back face covered with grey paper. Knauf has an extensive resource library available, covering a wide range of technical and installation topics. Every community needs drywall specialists who can hang, tape and texture gypsum drywall. Knauf drywall, its employees and authorised agents can accept no. It is also used frequently for repair or remodeling of plaster walls. If you are installing the ecoseal from the attic to all ceiling penetrations, drywall joints and junctions of drywall to the top plates, start from the outside edge of the attic area and work towards the center. Tack it in place, and then drive drywall screws every 16 inches and into the studs. The full version of the gypsum construction handbook. Knauf thermal laminate offers good levels of thermal insulation by combining 9.

Hanging drywall horizontally can lessen the amount of taping required and place the seam at a convenient height. Comprehensive, internationallyharmonized, verified documents that report how a product affects the environment throughout its lifecycle. Pohl of broad and cassel llp, fort lauderdale, and michael k. Commercial fiberglass insulation products knauf insulation. To achieve a certain fire rating on a knauf drywall. Knauf technical services are on hand should you have any questions or unusual situations to deal with. This proverbial association of a building material with a manufacturers name is not just coincidence. Knauf cform suspended ceilings installation procedures knauf ceiling systems are designed to be simple and fast to install. Our comprehensive technical manuals provide you with all the information you need to design. The technical manual is a comprehensive guide for professionals. Knaufs innovative drywall systems are designed for ease of use and to meet all your application and construction needs. Explore the details of a number of knauf insulation products, from technical data to visual aids. Knauf is a synonym for gypsum among construction experts and enthusiasts.

Avoid prolonged contact with skin and wear protective clothing when handling metal components. If handling manually, consider risks as required by. Knauf metal stud partition single metal stud frame, doublelayer. Drywall installation drywall is the ceiling and wall material used for about 90% of all new home interiors. This organization has been operating for approximately 9 years. Refer to the knauf technical manual for wall systems. Please refer to the knauf complete drywall manual for more comprehensive performance information or contact knauf technical services. A longer wall may need more than one sheet of drywall. From enabling you to design warm and safe home environments, to guiding you to meeting and exceeding. Share please print this document by clicking the print icon in the web viewer. For every application highperformance boards manufactured to en 520 wide range of sizes simple and fast to install knauf plasterboards a complete range of products and systems. Juan carlos cruz 1528, 2 piso b1638bhl vicente lopez pcia.

Knauf soundshield plus, with its enhanced acoustic properties, makes. Smooth, flexible and lightweight gypsum board, with water repellency property, used in all wet and high humidity areas. Welcome to our drywall manual, a comprehensive guide containing all of the technical information you need to specify the best and most appropriate drylining product or system. The products alone do not provide performance, the performance is given by the complete assembled system. See the proper procedures for handling insulation substances. Systems designed to meet building requirements screws and insulation. Knauf australia is a manufacturer and major supplier of building materials to the light weight construction industry. Floors and ceilings gtec floor and ceiling systems are used to achieve acoustic and fire rated solutions for both domestic and commercial building projects. Knauf drywall systems have been installed around the world with proven success. For a copy of the complete drywall manual, call the knauf drywall. Highperformance boards wide range of sizes simple and fast.

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