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The train driver academy is a new system for training and becoming a train driver. Also it is more about how many you get right in the assessment then finishing the questions before the time limit. Jun 25, 2018 get instant access to richards train driver course learn how to pass your trainee train driver managers interview and also str. I got an invitation to attend assessment day for conductor. If you are in the top 50% of those tested on the day, you will proceed to the next two shorter tests. In particular there is a test where you read a passage of information then answer questions about the passage you can not relate back to it so its all done on memory. We manage and oversee day to day train operations, service delivery and resourcing of drivers and guards. Im still waiting to hear back after completing the initial assessments 3 weeks ago. Preparing for your train driver or locomotive operating. Got selected to attend the assessment centre to do online assessment. If your application is successful, we may ask you to do online tests or complete a videotelephone interview or both.

So youve applied to a train operating company, maybe youve already had an interview. Passsed a trainee train driver assessment page 1 boats. Drivers must inspect all underframe equipment and perform certain functionality tests in. K and you will be sent some practice material at least 7 days prior to the test taking place. Trainee train driver interview arriva railuk forums. Whether you are taking part in an exercise or eating lunch with fellow candidates, you are being assessed and observed. A nearperfect resource for practising and building up speed and confidence in recruitment testing. May 07, 2014 the difference between the sample materials the train operating companies sent you and the actual tests you take on the assessment day. Of course, its also a wonderful thing to do with your life. Psychometric tests to assess your suitability for driver training are carried out either by the tocs themselves or at specialist. Performing under pressure is a great indicator of capability and assessment centres have become acknowledged as one of the most effective ways of quickly sifting through a large number of candidates and identifying talented people who will.

Trainee train driver former employee flinders street 27 september 2012 a lot to learn with hitachi, comeng, xtrapolis and siemens trains all making up the metro fleet of trains. One test is all about interpreting faux timetables logical, processing, something like that and the other is a mental arithmetic test. Glassdoor has 6 interview questions and reports from train driver interviews. Find out how to get selected at the train driver assessment centre first time. Train driver interview questions structured and managers. Train driver tests may be either online or at a train driver assessment centre or recruitment event, along with an interview. We currently work to a four stage recruitment process. Train driver psychometric test and assessment centre preparation. Do you want to become a train driver, on a train driver graduate scheme or. Briefing on metro, the train network, the training process to become a driver, and working conditions 3.

Train driver managers interview questions duration. I interviewed at metro trains melbourne australia in july 2017. You can practise the actual aptitude tests that employers use here and here. One thing that should be considered is if you are passionate about the whole train scene, as one person put it flush a toilet for 10 hours straight and thats pretty much a short insight into what train drivers have to do each day aka pressing buttons sitting down can get boring after a while. A chance meeting with a train driver called polly changed everything. With an english degree from wolverhampton, driving is a second career. Dave delivered by both of these to a very high standard. If needed and if time allows at the end of that day, the trainee will be provided with a second opportunity for assessment. I found the assessment quite intense but was reasonably confident. Feb 29, 2012 download my train driver interview book here. You need to know what youre doing and prepare properly before you start. Onlinelearningcentre train driver online training course. Get instant access to richards train driver course learn how to pass your trainee train driver managers interview and also str.

During the first interview you will be required to provide details and evidence of where you meet the core responsibilities for becoming a train driver. I applied for a trainee driver position with northen back in september, and was successful in getting through the application, online assessment. The particular type of psychometric tests you will need to pass for the position of trainee train driver depends on the company. Individual interview, with a depot manager and an hr recruiter 5.

Metro trains melbourne trainee train driver recruitment. I know it will be a more normal interview compared to the structured interview i did on the second assessment day, but i really really want the job badly so anything i can do or learn to give me even the slightest advantage would be a great help. We were asked 1by1 to go into an interview room where our. So theres a real sense of pressure to do it fantastically. Free travel on government trains, buses and ferries. Take a look at guy rennisons diary of his day doing the train driver assessment up in doncaster. Ill update you on thursday how i felt it went, as long as you all think of me on the day too. It is a job that allows me to give something back to the community, driving. The inhouse recruiter kept addressing me in emails as candidate despite my name being clearly listed in my email address, cv and application process.

There are also minimum health requirements which will be checked via a medical. This training course provides you with unlimited access to your members area and includes online. Sep 02, 2018 a chance meeting with a train driver called polly changed everything. Youll be responsible for the safe and prompt transport of our customers to their various destinations. The purpose of the rssb, amongst other things, is to set railway group standards that should be adhered to within the rail industry, including recruitment of trainee train drivers.

In order to become a trainee train driver, there are a vast number of train. Metro trains trainee train driver interview questions glassdoor. At the end of the day, you need to show the interviewer that you have a stellar safety record when it comes to driving and that you have a great work ethic. Again, if you are in the top 50%, you will proceed to the assessment centre stage. After all the person doing the assessment knows much more than i do about the job since heshe will have done it for years themselves so i am keen to listen to what they have to say. Sje, multimodal interview and written communication test. These skills are what recruiters are looking for you to demonstrate at your assessment day and include problem solving, flexibility, safety awareness, responsibility. Train driver observational ability test train driver recruitment. You can listen to our podcast episode on what to expect at your assessment centre here. Firstgroup funded a bsc in railway operations management with glasgow caledonian and the institution of railway operators to upskill her on the industry.

You will undergo a variety of assessments based on the following competency. This thread is for updates regarding the trainee signaller positions. Metro trains trainee train driver interview questions. To read more about the requirements to apply for a trainee driver role, see the trainee driver faqs. Theyre extremely common in job assessments as they can be used to predict the likelihood of a candidates success in a job role, whilst eliminating any bias through its standardised administration. You will be given a question booklet and an answer sheet virgin send out a practice booklet about a week before.

I interviewed at arriva group guildford, england in september 2008. You must pass the tests in any recruitment process in order to progress to the next stage. On this day, you can expect a highway code test, a maths and english test, a scenario test, a driving test and an interview. This is a competency based interview that explores your suitability for the role of a train driver. This permanent and fulltime jobs could be the start of your journey towards becoming a mtr crossrail qualified train driver, who are responsible for driving passengers across routes safely and efficiently. Our colleagues are on the frontline, working as one team to deliver quality services. If the trainee fails the followup day assessment, he she will have one more opportunity to be reassessed by sending a pre. Gives you that same sense of pressure and focus like the real thing. Around 400 people apply for every trainee train drivers vacancy. Heres are 8 tips which will help you succeed at your graduate assessment centre. Each trainee will be given one attempt at passing the mmi assessment on the followup day.

An aptitude test is an assessment used to determine a candidates cognitive ability or personality. Our train drivers receive extensive training in order to drive our trains across the overground network and you will have to pass minimum medical criteria for health and safety reasons, including specific visual and hearing standards. View all our trainee train driver vacancies now with new jobs added daily. Some of roles require you to attend an assessment centre and, when we are able to hold these, youll complete a range of ability and psychometric tests related to the role. Its a great experience using the assessment exercises here. All sorts of adventures and new beginnings start our journeys.

Few people in the train driver thread said they have received calls yesterday from metro after completing the initial assessments. This is an interview conducted according to laid down guidelines to maintain fairness and nondiscrimination and will probably be given by a couple of people from the personnel department. Drivers must inspect all underframe equipment and perform certain functionality tests in all driving cabs before docking up a train for the day. I have used this forum on numerous occasions throughout the years but never posted. I wrote to the depot in guildford received an interview date and was hired there and then i had to learn how to drive a bus, which was an eight week course with driving test afterwards, i then was able to drive buses but then had to learn the routes. The sessions were very informative with additional tips and advice to help give you the edge when its comes to applying and for the tests that follow. Find your ideal job at seek with 3 trainee train driver jobs found in all new zealand. Which means that it is almost impossible to get into this job with a casual approach. The first bus assessment day is the final challenge in the recruitment process. This page will go through some of the different tests that you can expect as a part of your train driver recruitment process. Train driver interview questions structured and managers interviews duration. Train driver interview questions and answers train.

Its packed with tips, tricks and insidersecrets to help you succeed. Just go in be calm and do the assessment even if you dont finish some questions, all the employer wants is you to do demonstrate your ability, dont worry about time limits, because applicants who want to be finished first could have missed key points, but if you take the time and be last to finish, you may have done better, so with being slow and not quite finishing the last two questions. Phone call 20 min brought in for 3 hrs then brought back for 4 hrs then background and drug test then offer. These are usually conducted at one of several places across the u. Ive already done the online psychometric tests and passed and got the email saying im on the merit list and recently ive gotten an email confirming that ive been invited to the december 19th assessment centre which im happy about but at the same time im nervous as hell as this is my dream job.

Below we go through these tests and how you can prepare for them before the day, in order to make sure you do well. The next stage on the way to becoming a train driver is the assessment. The first interview is called a structured interview whilst the second one is called a managers interview. Feb 25, 2017 ok so im new to this forum and would greatly appreciate some advice. Individual interview, with a depot manager and an hr. While were waiting for the time to pass, i thought id tell you how it all started my passion for trains of course. Once you have been taken on as a trainee driver, you start your formal training period, which takes between nine and 18 months to complete. Use this software tool to pass the train driver selection tests. However, most of them have similar types of tests to complete. Once you have been taken on as a trainee driver, you start your formal training period. Yup, its just 264 hours left until i am officially appointed as a trainee train driver, or 11 days, lol.

They are sign on times in the city too, so you will need a way to get there. Preparing to each type of psychometric test is a crucial step to ensure that you pass to the next step of your recruitment for the position for trainee. Youll get the opportunity to do mock test on assessments that look like the real one. The trainee train driver application process includes two online assessments, and two half day assessments. Find out more and apply on the train driver academy website here.

A day at work shouldnt always have to feel like a typical day at work, i hope that when i find a job, i am excited for the opportunity to go to work and see my work peers and have a fun exciting day as well as getting the required days work done. We help entire communities to go to school, get to work and enjoy life. Learn how to become a trainee train driver with this exclusive, certification course which covers every element of the selection process, including completing a successful application form, preparing for the train driver assessment centre and tests and sample interview questions and answers. The structured train driver interview will probably come next. I got an invitation to attend assessment day for conductor,what should i expect on the day as this is my first time. I interviewed at abellio london, england in september 2019. I have been lucky enough to pass the 2 separate days of assessments with arriva, and now am at the final stage the line manager interview. Prepare to get your train driver psychometric test, interview and assessment centre. You will learn to become a train driver trainee by submitting application. Train driver assessment centre if you pass any earlier stages, you are next invited to a train driver assessment centre or recruitment event. This day may combine a range of assessments including psychometric tests if you have not sat them earlier, more technical tests, and interview or other tasks. Computer assessment, including reflex, spatial awareness and shortterm memory span 4. Sit trainee train driver assessments under exam conditions fully prepare for the structured and managers interview personal training to help you become a. You will complete a personality assessment and be invited to attend an interview with the line manager.

The selection process for becoming a train driver includes a requirement to complete an application form, attend an assessment day, and pass two interviews. Trainee train drivers must undertake an 1824 month training period in which they can expect to earn from. Im due for my train driver assessment in a few weeks and i just wondered if anyone had any tips on how they revised for memory tests. Ive received my first email as a driver, a test email from the traffic manager, hehe. Why nurse gave up medical career to become a train driver.

Im currently revising for a trainee train job, and have an assessment day. Find out just what a day at the assessment centre is like. There are more candidates than ever but this insiders guide will help you get the career you want. Train driver tests 202021 practice tests free aptitude tests. Train driver psychometric test and assessment centre. This makes it even more prevalent for the aspiring trainee train driver. The difference between the sample materials the train operating companies sent you and the actual tests you take on the assessment day. Generic im not a train driver but i work in the company.

Train driver assessment centre training course mock tests. Passsed a trainee train driver assessment page 9 boats. Bus driver assessment test preparation jobtestprep. You need to pass all these checks in order to be successful in obtaining the role. I used the shl site to practise my assement verbal and numerical tests which ide definitely recommend to putting time into practising. During the train driver selection process you will be required to undergo two interviews.

The pair got chatting on a night out, and laura was fascinated to hear about pollys daytoday life on the tracks of london. There is no specific route into a train driver role as there are no specific requirements. Those that do fail the psychometric and aptitude assessment are only given one further chance to become a train driver and if they were to fail again they will not be permitted to apply for a position again. First is a mechanical comprehension test mt4 which is designed to assess your understanding of basic mechanical principles, essential for the technical traction training you will receive as a trainee driver. Not sure how standardised it is across the country but i asked what the pass rate was and the person running the day said it was in the 5070% range.

Does anyone know what the current starting salary is for a trainee train driver with northern rail please. Train driver interview questions shared by candidates. Oct 11, 2015 learn how to become a trainee train driver with this exclusive, certification course which covers every element of the selection process, including completing a successful application form, preparing for the train driver assessment centre and tests and sample interview questions and answers. After working my arse off for the last few weeks i passed the train driver assessment for southern on thursday. Trainee train driver info education london, united. The company has announced they are looking for a number of trainee train drivers to join their team at the old oak common depot in london. Whether you want to work for a citys transport system, like the chicago transportation authority, or a transnational bus company, like greyhound, you will need to pass interviews and assessments before getting hired.

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